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Massage art – it’s definitely something that attracts many tourists to India, no less than its white beaches and rich nature. The process itself is a real ritual, during which experienced masters not only act on the human body, but also on his mind.


Classic massage (Thai massage)
Acupressure (Thai Therapy Massage)
Massage oil (OIL massage)
Foot Massage (Foot massage)
Massage hot stones (Stone massage)
Massage hot sacks with herbs (Thai Herb Massage)
Where should I get a massage

Classic massage (thai massage)

The most popular is the classic Thai massage. This procedure is considered to be pretty painful. But the gist of it is that the client’s body rejuvenates and relaxes. However, it should be noted that in order to get a good result, you need to visit a few procedures. Classic body massage in Thailand is contraindicated in people with cancer and chronic diseases, as well as pregnant women. During the procedure, all the joints and the muscles warm up and developed, so that the body becomes more agile and healthy.

Massage Spa in Gurgaon can be divided into two types: a royal and common. In the first case, the treatment of customers more careful, the masseur does not allow close contact with his client. The total assumes an active influence on the client’s body.

It is worth to be sure to specify what level of impact you want to feel.

Masseurs process conventionally divided into three types of “Strong” (ie, intense, strong), average or weak. For the first acquaintance with the procedure best suited average degree of exposure. Weak is a simple stroking body. Strong, in turn, may differ discomfort for those who are not accustomed to this type of massage.

But whichever option you choose, the Thai massage is performed on a special mattress, which is contained or on the couch or on the floor. The client dressed in loose, pleasant body clothing made of cotton or linen.

Acupressure (Thai Therapy Massage)

Also a good point Thai massage. He made little perceptible movement and a soft touch. In addition to relaxation, in the process, you can restore your vitality.

Talented masseuses with a single session of massage are able to create with your body wonders:

Increase joint mobility;
Make the body more flexible and resilient;
Organize the work of internal organs;
Relax the nervous system;
Make a smooth and delicate skin of the whole body;
Remove puffiness;
Stretch your muscles;
Improve blood circulation, etc.

Oil massage (oil massage)

Another good option – oil Thai massage. For this procedure, aromatic oils are used to massage therapist rubs in the nude body of the client. Aromas oils act on the human mind, allowing him to relax even more.

During massage the option to use an assortment of different oils: coconut oil, or with the same additives in the form of various aromatic oils, such as bergamot, lavender, rosemary, etc.

Foot massage (foot massage)

Foot massage – Another relaxing treatment, which is good for the overall health of the human. Despite the fact that the therapist focuses on only one part of the body, body toning and relaxing completely. Master very well kneaded acupressure points, increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

Massage is not only the foot, but the shin and calf. Movements are performed first with your hands, then massage specially adapted to a bamboo stick. A nice addition to the process will use a variety of oils and scrubs that also improve the condition of the skin of feet and make them more attractive.

The procedure lasts about one hour. It ends with a warm-up of the whole body. Masseur raise customer in a vertical position, seated him in a comfortable position and kneaded his arms, shoulders, neck and head. Then, for approximately ten minutes, the body is stretched and kneaded. Tested foot massage for yourself, you can feel completely recovered.

Massage hot stones (Stone massage)

No matter how hot the sun seemed to Thailand, for those who missed the sauna, well suited Thai massage with hot stones. He was very relaxing, so that you can even fall asleep during the procedure. In addition to such a relaxing effect, the procedure also expands the pores and capillaries of the body, contributing to the conclusion of his toxins. Furthermore, in addition to the hot stones massage therapists still used and aromatic oils.

Massage hot sacks with herbs (Thai Herb Massage)

This massage is quite unusual. Masseuse brings with it a strange design that resembles a pot in which to warm up a couple of bags filled with various useful herbs. It should be noted that these bags, regardless of their content, are heavy, and the massage therapist has to keep them for a special pen like a weight.

The procedure begins with a pre-workout whole body. Through a towel laid on his back, his hands stroking the client’s body, and then warmed for a couple of bags. Despite the fact that the bags really heavy, movement of the masseur not differ tenderness – process relaxes and gives a pleasant feeling.

It is noteworthy that during a massage the chest remains intact.

Where should I get a massage

Thai body to body massage sohna road Gurgaon. These salons can be found in almost every hotel 5-4 stars. This is the most luxurious option, which, of course, and is worth more than the whole. But at the same time, you can get not only massage, but also all the spa treatments. Massage salon in the hotel will give you a pleasant feeling of relaxation and privacy. This is facilitated by highly professional masseuse, good condition, nice intimate atmosphere and the use of high-quality massage oils.

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Body to Body Massage in Gurgaon

Body to body massage service in Gurgaon is now much in demand. Gurgaon is known as business hub, every day thousands of peoples come here for their personal and professional reasons. Sometime peoples are getting tired of their heavy work load and daily routine life. They are such in need to get off from their busy schedule and also have some enjoying moments. Now massage service is one of the best ideas to spend some peaceful time with comfort. Many of peoples are looking for body to body massage service in their nearest area but here is need to choose one of the best who will offer service as per your own requirements. There are various options and massage centers are available for you in cheap costs.

Full body to body massage in gurgaon it is much popular and also in demand especially by youths. In these life styles it is become necessary to have some time only for our self and massage is one of the great ideas to spend time with beautiful gilts and handsome boys. We are offering best service in massage for clients those are such in need. Now days many offices are also providing massage services for their employees to boost their working capacity. It is always a best way to get massage service only from the experts because they are professional and know how to deal with various options. We are also well reputed service provider in massage industry now days.

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